Eberron: To be or not to be

Recovered treasure
Loot from Skeleton fight

Some gear was recovered from the skeletons we fought in the graveyard that Gioni had cleaned.

[I will edit this note with loot once I get home]


Derek Highcross of the Silver Flame wants to hire us to remove undead in the temple district.

At the grave yards Luna’s pet “Ogre” found 1 grave site as a Cannith house family member.
Black cat in taxi which was a familiar is watching me.

I fought Karnathi skeletons as well as bone knights (anti-palidans) which I always needed help defeating. Ogre stopped at 2 grave sites that were house Cannith.

Aaron Cannith was a famous member of the family b/c he created warforged that were sentient.

Sharon Cannith is Aaron’s wife, they had 2 daughters Chayle & Siris.

Warforge knowledge came from Xen’Drik. The docent’s were created by the giants some 80,000 years ago.

Siris died in the war with her father.

Cave near Skullreav. Skullreav is a monster town.

Deneith & Sabre were were with Siris when she died.

Sabre was Syres’ protector. Sabre is dead.

Siris was involved with Deneith.

Parmelk tells Luna that we just killed a mind flayer.

Crack Tooth is our guide in Skullreave to 7 caves

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